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Yay, (omg, I've become addicted to "yay".. O.o) Fan Art forum, this is what I needed! *loves the world*
I've done a lot of LotR-related fan art but I think I'll show you now something that includes nothing hobbittish or elvish.. Ready?

Okay, you may not recognize him cause he's not very big name -yet. He's Christian Walz, gorgeus artist from Sweden. I adore his voice and his looks. I wish I would see him on live someday.. *sigh*

Something slightly different. There's an eye of Kurt*rest in peace*Cobain, part of Darren Hayes' face and oh, the lovely hands of mr Walz. This one might be quite big.. Or these both are.. Should do something 'bout it..

Comments are love. Of course. Why else I would post these here? x)
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